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Apple Configurator support professionals with a lot of experience.

Tech Help Direct offers specialised Apple Configurator support for many Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW schools and businesses. With many large and diverse iOS deployments to our name, we have vast experience in both, Apple Configurator and Apple Configurator 2. We can tailor the platform to be a seamless “on-ramp” (e.g. supervision and enrolment) to a Mobile Device Management platform or be a complete management solution to your fleet of iOS devices.


Apple Configurator support professionals with a lot of experience.

Apple Configurator is Apple’s first, yet far from redundant, program utilised for supervising iOS devices. It requires devices to be physically connected by USB  cable where it installs required profiles and settings that are necessary to the deployment of a device. In the past, Apple Configurator was widely used in education to manage iOS devices as a stand-alone solution without the use of an Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. Nowadays, it is predominantly used to supervise pre-November 2014 devices (not enrolled in DEP) or install pre-configuration profiles to enrol in the MDM of choice (e.g. WiFi profiles or MDM enrolment profiles).

The latest Apple Configurator (Version 2.0) was released for use with iOS 9 and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. The interface was altered to simplify large deployments and the option to use VPP Managed Distribution was made available within Apple Configurator.

We are specialists in the use of Apple Configurator 2.0 and many MDM solutions. One of our widely focussed tasks is to assist schools in moving from the old Apple Configurator to the new and improved Apple Configurator 2.0. This allows the integration of MDM for seamless device-based app deployment, where there is no more need for Apple IDs to redeem app licensing. Contact us to find out more about new features in iOS 9. It is a game-changer!

IOS Device Supervision

Device Supervision provides a higher level of device management to iOS devices. It adds certain additional restrictions that would generally be used when deploying an institution-owned shared or one-to-one model (see supervised restrictions example below from Cisco Meraki Systems Manager MDM). It also adds controls and functions like the ability to silently (without the end user knowing) install applications and other profiles. In order to “supervise”, the device, it must be pre-configured with Apple Device Enrolment program or Apple Configurator.

Managed vs. Unmanaged

Managed devices (e.g. Shared and One-to-One deployments) are enrolled in an MDM with the ability to deploy settings dynamically with fine grained controls over apps and content. IT is able to remotely wipe, reset passwords or lock devices. An unmanaged device (e.g. BYO deployment) is configured manually or with a once-off profile. It is set once and not updated. There is no over-the-air management as the device is not enrolled in an MDM platform. The model to use is at the discretion of the school’s objectives and deployment model.

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