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Apple TV Gold Coast and Brisbane

The Apple TV is one of Apple’s most under-utilised devices in both, homes and businesses. From our experience, consumers are either confused as to what the product does, why they need it or how to operate. Here is a breakdown of the huge benefits that this little, inexpensive bundle of power can provide.

Home Users for Apple Services Gold Coast

This is a device that I personally use every day. The Apple TV connects to your home wifi (or hard-wired) network along with all of the other devices in the home like your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac or Windows PC. Each device that has an iTunes library filled with movies, music, TV shows, podcasts, etc. can be directly streamed to the Apple TV for you view your media on the big screen. The audio can then very easily be relayed to your home entertainment system speakers for that perfect digital sound. Thus, you have complete control over your whole iTunes library from one device in the home (changing tracks, volume, remote control) and everything works in perfect harmony. To some this may sound complicated, but a little of our time can have this set up for you perfectly.


In a lot of home applications, we are installing a dedicated Apple computer (mostly mac Mini) to manage all media in the house. This computer becomes the “central media server” in the home which is always switched on and ready to access at the press of a button. This is then completely managed by either and iPhone, iPad or iPod via Apple’s own Remote app. It is unbelievable how well this works and for every client that has had it installed is blown away! Contact us to find out more.

Apple TV in Business Support Gold Coast

It’s the same principle as above in “home users”, the Apple TV can stream your content to the television, monitor or projector that has Apple TV connected and on the network. On top of this though, the Apple TV has a built in system called “Airplay Mirroring”. Airplay Mirroring allows you to seamlessly connect your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod to mirror the display. The only criteria is that you are on the same wifi or hard-wired network. Simple!


We are installing a lot of these for cafes, restaurants, education departments, media companies, web and development companies all to showcase their presentations and media to their clients and audience. They truly are a very powerful, yet simple device! Contact us if you have any questions at all on how we can make this work for you between the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions.

A home media server to manage all of your entertainment needs.

Simply amazing.