We are a results-driven, proactive and innovative ICT organisation striving to be the best in the industry. Satisfaction, fast support and service value are the promises to our clients and the reason for our existence and growth.

Our mission is to strategically design and professionally implement exceptional IT systems by leveraging innovative technologies that promote security, workflow efficiency, mobility, and durability.

Here's our recipe for success.


The Tech Help Direct team have an outstanding reputation supporting over 2000 clients throughout Australia. Our most successful form of marketing is word of mouth. People like to talk about excellent service!


Planning, deployment and fast support are all equally important facets of a successful implementation. Tech Help Direct integrates the globally recognised ITIL methodology to structure every project professionally.


People study and practice their specialty for a long time to excel. Technology infrastructure is no different. We research, learn and experience many systems to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Our process.

The Tech Help Direct team is a national leader in implementing strategic, simplified, and effective ICT solutions. We leverage the globally recognised ITIL methodology and unrivalled experience, knowledge, leadership and partnerships to promote continual service improvement. We diligently design and seamlessly operate our services to provide incredible value to our clients.


The most vital phase is to plan your system and deployment timeframes. We will work with architects and electricians to design and oversee the communications installation if required.
Procurement process


We are partnered with the most reliable platforms and best vendors worldwide. We will procure your required hardware competitively to align with the installation timeframe.
Deployment process


Our professional and experienced team will deploy your network infrastructure when everything is set. This involves the physical installation and extensive testing to tick all the requisite boxes that adhere to our high standards.
Support process


In the planning phase, we structure your support requirements based on equipment volume and tolerance for unforeseeable downtime. Our team are fast to respond, and with our specified infrastructure installed, most support requests are swiftly resolved remotely.

Environmental sustainability.

Before we implement any business decision, Mother Nature has the first word. We minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible by using energy-efficient alternatives and responsible disposal of end-of-life equipment. We operate fuel-efficient vehicles, LED lighting, and power-conserving UPS devices and have reduced paper usage to a minimum. We work with partners who share our environmental philosophy and recommend Energy Star-certified equipment wherever possible.