Backup Solutions

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Backup is more than important. It is mandatory.

Tech Help Direct are experts in providing the best backup solutions and support for your Mac or PC between Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Northern New South Wales. Having a backup of your photos, videos and documents stored on your Mac or PC is the most important solution to have for your home, office, business or any system for that matter. You always have to ask yourself, “Could I be without these files if I lost them?”

Apple Time Machine & Mac

For all Mac users we recommend using Apple’s own Time Machine application for backing up your Mac. This application comes free to use and all you need is an external hard drive or an Apple Airport Time Capsule. Our IT experts are specialists in backup solutions and Time Machine configuration. Your Mac is configured create incremental backups every hour. If you deleted a photo you had earlier in the day, you can restore that single photo with ease from an hour ago – thus it acquired the name, “Time Machine”. If your Mac stops working we can provide the solution of restoring everything backed up via Time Machine in a matter of clicks. Your machine will look exactly like where you left it (or where it left you).

If you have multiple Mac Devices like an iMac, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, the Time Capsule is a great wireless backup solution. It provides a central location for all of the backups and more importantly, it is done completely wirelessly as soon as your join your wireless network. Backup honestly can’t be any easier! We will properly configure the Time Capsule for backup to give you peace of mind that your data is in safe hands.

Cloud Backup

There are many cloud backup solutions that we recommend and use to automatically store and sync your files offsite. We understand all cloud systems and integrate the most optimal system for your needs. Between Dropbox, iCloud, iDrive, Google Drive, Amazon and many more, it can be daunting figuring out which one to use. We can inspect your system and make the best possible recommendation to ensure that your data is accessible and recoverable in the event of a crisis.

External Hard Drive

Storing your important data on a secondary hard drive is key to ensuring it is definitely safe. A Time Capsule is a great option, but we have seen some Brisbane and Gold Coast users who had been robbed or affected by fire. You guessed it the Mac computer and Apple Time Capsule were both taken! Thus, you can configure a secondary hard drive that should store a second copy of your data and safely store it offsite or in a safe.

Our IT Specialists will investigate your current home or business network and recommend/implement the best backup solutions for your Mac and Windows PC. We will ensure that you understand how it works and answer any questions that you may have.

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