Backup Solutions

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Backup is more than important. It is mandatory.

At Tech Help Direct, we take backup, redundancy and business continuity very seriously. A robust backup strategy guides the remainder of our decision-making for your organisations IT infrastructure. We emphasise a hybrid of local and offsite backup solutions where we factor in version control, data deletion, virus or ransomeware attack, hardware failure and the potential wrath of mother nature engulfing the premises. Our ultimate goal is to minimise business downtime with the most seamless business continuity strategy available.

Apple Time Machine & Mac

For all Mac users we recommend using Apple’s own Time Machine application for backing up your Mac. This application is embedded in to the Mac and free to use with a Mac server hosting the backup data, an external hard drive, a network attached storage (NAS) or an Apple Airport Time Capsule. Our IT experts are specialists in backup solutions and Time Machine configuration. Your Mac is configured to create incremental backups every hour. If you delete and data that you had earlier in the day, you can restore that file with ease from an hour ago – thus it acquired the name, “Time Machine”. If your Mac fails altogether, you can restore everything backed up via Time Machine in a matter of clicks. Your machine will look exactly like I did before the failure.

If you have multiple Mac devices (like an iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air), the Apple Airport Time Capsule is a great wireless backup solution. It provides a central location for all of the backups and more importantly, it completes backups wirelessly as soon as you join your network. If your network has more than 5 devices, like in an organisation, we professionally configure a MacOS Server with the “Time Machine” service. Time Machine server can backup a large volume of machines as long as the storage capacity permits.

Cloud Backup

There are many cloud backup solutions that we recommend and configure to automatically store and sync your files offsite. We support an array of cloud systems and integrate the most optimal solution for your needs. Between Crashplan, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon and many more, it can be challenging to figure out which one is optimal. We inspect your system and implement the best solution to ensure that your data is accessible and recoverable in the event of a crisis.

Data & Server Replication

File share replication or complete server replication allows a business to quickly continue operation in the event of a severe hardware failure on the main server. Replication processes occur incrementally throughout the day to a second network storage or server. This device can swiftly become the “fail-over” server, where files would be ready right away upon users connecting to them. Although, this can be a costly backup method and more viable in large organisations, it can save staff a lot of downtime.

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