Becoming less patient with your computer? Here’s how to fix it.

Becoming less patient with your computer? Here’s how to fix it.

A lot of people may already know this, but this is for the one’s who don’t…

As your computer becomes older (and SLOWER) you tend to ask yourself the question, “Is it time to buy a new one?”

In most instances the answer is “No”. Your computer becomes slower because over time you accumulate more programs that are either running to your awareness or conversely, in the background, that you don’t know about. While these programs are running, they are stored in the RAM (Random Access Memory), which delegates the speed of operation. The more is in the RAM, the slower the computer will operate!

The answer: A RAM upgrade (to increase the amount of programs you are able to run in the background and foreground) and an optimisation of your computer (minimise programs that are opening automatically and other system tweaks) will have it running faster (or normally) again within an hour.

Contact us to organise this if you feel as though you are becoming less patient with your computer or it is running much slower than it use.

Note: This is a common occurrence, but not always the answer as to why your computer is performing poorly. It is up to a professional (like us!) to triage your computer and give you a conclusive answer.

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