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Tech Help Direct facilitate the growth of many businesses by implementing or optimising business file sharing solutions on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Collaboration in the workplace is an absolute must. Business file sharing promotes transparency and increased efficiency for all staff to work on the same files in harmony.

Installing a server in your workplace to accommodate business file sharing allows for all of your documents and media, large or small, to be shared easily and quickly across the business network. We can consult and assist with the decision-making process of whether to go cloud or install an office server on your network. We will explain and evaluate the pro’s and con’s of each system and tailor a solution for the most optimal workflow of your business.

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Server Solutions

We can professionally implement Apple Mac and Windows server solutions on your local network. Read more below or click to view our Mac server setup page.

Cloud Solutions

We work with all major cloud storage software solutions and have vast experience in configuring them on all devices. Read more below or click to view our cloud computing page.

Install a server on your network for business file sharing?…

We are Apple Mac server certified and highly competent with Windows server configurations, assisting hundreds of businesses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales. The systems that we deploy are scalable, priced to your budget and flexible enough to enable fast remote access if required.

We can customise and install Apple and Windows based servers to suit your needs. We place very high importance on reliability and speed, so we only use the best quality components when customising your server. Our qualified technicians will know exactly what you need to enhance your experience or implement the ideal solution for your objective. The business file sharing systems that we configure will integrate into your existing network and will allow mobile devices (like iPads and iPhones) and computers to access the server shared files remotely if required.

Business file sharing systems naturally incorporate security and permissions to allow the segregation of files for different users and groups. Your system’s security can be scaled up or down as required and is accessible using industry standard systems onsite and remotely. Once your business file sharing system is complete, we will assist with connecting all the relevant devices and ensure that there is shared understanding of how to use it most effectively.

Onsite business file sharing servers are best suited to industries that are storing and sharing an array of large volume files. For example, it is common for (but definitely not limited to) architectural, graphic design, printing and media creation companies to use an onsite file server. These industries edit large AutoCAD plans, high resolution images, videos and publications, so it is imperative that storage and access to the central file server is fast and reliable. This would be impossible in a cloud file storage solution as all edited data would have to be synced over the internet and with files that may be 1-2 GB in size, it would simply take too long.

…Or, collaborate with a cloud business file sharing solution?

Tech Help Direct are experts in configuration of cloud file sharing solutions for Gold Coast and Brisbane businesses. We strategically analyse your business objective and work backwards from there to implement the most simplified and optimal workflow to achieve it. We offer professional support and implementation strategies for systems like Google G Suite (Google Drive), Apple iCloud Drive, Microsoft Office 365 (Sharepoint and OneDrive) and Dropbox. Each of these systems have their pro’s and con’s, so trust us to filter these out to establish the best solution for you.

With cloud business file sharing systems like Google Drive, teams can collaborate on the same file simultaneously to add and edit data in real time. The below image gives you a basic depiction of how this works. We have many clients where this has changed the way they do business.

We would recommend cloud file sharing solutions to industries that work on a lot of smaller files, travelling frequently or have multiple offices. The data is centrally stored in the cloud system and seamlessly synchronises with each users computer or mobile device. As a user edits the file, the device tells the cloud that it has been altered and it is uploaded to the cloud and downloaded to each other connected users’ device. Thus, the most current file is always stored on the users device locally. The bottleneck with cloud file sharing is that all files use the internet upload and download to share files. If there are large files like drawing plans or videos, it doesn’t make sense to continuously upload and download these as soon as they are opened or edited.

For further information or to find out if cloud file sharing is suited to you, please feel free to contact us anytime.