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Tech Help Direct is a support leader in mobile device management (MDM) for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and northern New South Wales schools, enterprises and businesses. We are partnered with MDM platforms like Cisco Meraki, Jamf Pro and Zuludesk to deliver customised solutions that work. As a prominent member of the Apple Consultants Network, we are certified, trained and supported in Mobility Deployment by Apple directly. Extensive experience, knowledge and customer feedback has made Tech Help Direct one of Queensland’s most reputable MDM service providers.



The power and control of Cisco all from a simple user-friendly web interface called Dashboard.


Manage everything from a simple web interface dashboard.


Visibility and configuration of your whole network from a web interface.


Meraki is incredibly easy-to-use endpoint device management platform.


Easily lock out or block unwanted guests with cloud notifications.

Systems that work and we know how.

Mobile device management (MDM) is the ability to manage all of your Apple iOS (iPad and iPhone) and other mobile devices from one interface. This technology allows companies, managers and IT departments to seamlessly deploy specific settings to an iPhone or iPad. This can be completed by the end user or without any interaction on the user’s device at all. It includes settings like email, calendar and contact accounts, wifi settings, network settings, file sharing settings, restrictions and much more. Devices can be completely supervised, remotely monitored, locked, tracked and wiped by the MDM server without the end user knowing. Thus, productivity-inhibiting applications can be restricted and the use of the device can be measured effectively.

Tech Help Direct relies on services like Cisco Meraki’s Systems Manager, Jamf Pro or Zuludesk to manage mobile devices. These are both robust systems that, when configured properly, provide exceptional solutions to deploy and manage your mobile devices in their own simple way. Although these services are all quite similar, they each have different methods of enrolling, deploying and managing profiles. They all have different features that may be better for you than the other counterparts. We have worked extensively with all of these systems and have vast experience of the whole deployment process.

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