Cloud Accounting Support

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The new era of Accounting.

Tech Help Direct offers professional cloud accounting support and integration with other cloud POS and CRM systems for Brisbane and Gold Coast businesses. We work with systems like Xero and Intuit Quickbooks Online to provide and implement specialised strategies for businesses to collaborate, save time and integrate with other software packages for effectively. The day and age is gone where you need a dedicated accounts staff member sitting in your office working from a slow old server. You or your team can do it on the go, in real time and on any device!

Why the cloud?

If you are wanting your business to work smarter and faster, cloud accounting is one of the fastest ways to streamline collaboration and optimise productivity. Working in the cloud will give you, your staff and your accountant much more flexibility when having to enter data. Whether it is generating invoices, reconciling accounts or to have a better overview of your finances on the go, cloud accounting software systems like Xero or Intuit Quickbooks Online make it simple for your whole team to work on the same database. Everyone can do it from anywhere on any device, any time. You can use your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device to access your information from anywhere, which makes keeping up with accounts a breeze.


There are many benefits to cloud accounting software compared to traditional local server-based counterparts like MYOB or Reckon Quickbooks. Xero and Intuit Quickbooks Online are two powerful cloud accounting programs that can integrate with many different Point of Sale and CRM systems. With cloud accounting, your data sits on an encrypted web server (online in the “cloud”), so it is secure and is updated in real time for those who access the platform. Furthermore, there are so many online software systems that can natively integrate with cloud accounting software like Vend POS, Kounta POS and Capsule cloud CRM just to name a few. What this means is that your end of day takings from a POS system automatically inject in to your accounting package and notes that you add to your invoice can very easily be seen in your CRM system (without double entry). These are just two of the many minor examples that seem simple, but are life changing when it comes to streamlining workflows.

Accounting shouldn’t be a chore and take away time that you could be spending on improving your business. We know cloud accounting works great for business from the feedback and success of our clients who have moved to it. We use it ourself and have linked it with all of our systems to create a simple and incredibly effective workflow internally!