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Tech Help Direct are Brisbane & Gold Coast based experts when it comes to integrating your systems with cloud CRM software. With so many systems in the market today, it can be daunting finding the ideal solution. The solution to us is simple – minimise double entry of data, amalgamate communication channels and make the workflow simple for everyone. The ideology of cloud-based software is that your company data is accessible everywhere and they have an API (Application Programming Interface). API’s are used to program software packages to communicate and share data with each other. Thus, seamless integration and collaboration!

Prepare to get organised!

Aligning your company around your customers is now more important than ever. Business marketing, sales, customer service and accounts teams are the front line to the customer and it is paramount that communication channels are amalgamated and viewed in real time. They need to harness all end-to-end enterprise systems, along with deep customer insights and personalised engagement. The objective is to stand out from the competition and deliver a relevant experience at every step of the customers journey. Cloud CRM software can offer all of this in a simple and streamlined package.

Here’s an example…

Capsule CRM is a leading cloud based customer relationship management software and the one that we have chosen to use here at Tech Help Direct. We are very proud of the system efficiency and simplicity that we have configured using the below software solutions alongside Capsule’s cloud CRM software.


Capsule CRM natively (meaning that there is no additional software required) integrates with Xero, Google G Suite and Mailchimp to improve our workflow in ways that are so simple, yet unimaginably powerful.


Unify company email communication by allowing emails to save under the designated client contact in Capsule. Sync your Capsule contacts back to your Google contacts for them to be viewed on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and virtually any device that supports a Google account.


Export specific mailing lists and contacts from Capsule to Mailchimp. Synchronise analytics of the mail campaign to each client contact in Capsule, so you don’t send emails to people that may have unsubscribed.


Display invoices and sync contacts to Capsule from Xero and vice versa. That way, there is one system to view and enter all information pertaining to a certain client. No double entry!