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Simplifying the deployment and management of screen mirroring in organisations.

The Apple TV has long been regarded as home media companion with oversight of how well it actually is suited to business and education. The biggest feature is AirPlay, which allows content from an iOS device or Mac (or a PC with the right software installed) to project content wirelessly to an Apple TV-connected TV. That content can be app-specific if a developer has integrated AirPlay into it or can simply mirror the screen of a device. Recent Macs can also use the TV as an additional display.

AirPlay makes the Apple TV an inexpensive presentation tool that can be more convenient to use than trying to hook a laptop up to a display or projector using a cable. With HDMI so ubiquitous now, any mobile professional should be able to easily connect an Apple TV on the road or in client/customer offices. You might need to configure network settings, but even that isn’t an issue if a MacBook is used, since it can create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network that an Apple TV can be pre-configured to access.

What’s unique about the new Apple TV is that it offers support for Apple’s MDM framework. This is the same framework that allows IT administrators, like us, to manage iOS devices and Macs centrally; the ability to deliver greater enterprise management and deployment oversight. This can be incredibly useful for devices used on the go, and works well for fixed devices in offices, conference rooms or classrooms. The framework includes ways to secure access to the device, manage network connectivity, and limit content through the use of proxy servers. Apple TV’s can to be pre-configured by IT using the Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) coupled with an MDM/EMM solution, or a configuration profile generated by Apple Configurator.

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The App Store offers customisation for Apple TV. It changes everything!

Apple Airplay

Teaching, presenting or collaborating; the Apple TV’s AirPlay feature makes display mirroring and conferencing seamless without wires. Ask us about deploying an inexpensive, robust and manageable solution for your organisation.