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A model that works.

The result of any education-oriented platform is measured by many key performance indicators (KPI), which could easily be dedicated to an entire textbook. However, when all of these KPI’s are generally filtered, there is always one that will prevail: The student’s ability to learn.

Effective use of Apple technology by teachers leads to better learning outcomes for students – for this reason, we are very passionate about our techLEARN with iPad and techLEARN with Mac programs in education. Our programs encompass an end-to-end, modern and proven method of deploying iPad and Mac in education. Our model is one that school departments do not offer due to limited knowledge of Apple systems, perceived configuration complexity and customisation. To be successful, there is an obvious requirement to tailor the program to a schools learning objectives – something that simply can not be summarised by a generic procedure on a school portal. We call this process Action Planning.

Apple-inspired methodology.

The Tech Help Direct team work closely alongside the Apple Education team and we have invested vast resources to integrate Apple’s 8 elements of success in to our techLEARN programs. We are partnered with many schools between the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales where we have proven that our systems work. The astonishing feedback that we receive is our motive for continual improvement in the professional learning and Apple device management space. We love what we do and we do it very well!

Background and services.

As one of Australia’s highest-ranked Apple Consultants, the Tech Help Direct team have been working with education, business and Apple products for the past 10 years. As great educators continue to recognise and harness the immense potential of Apple technologies in education, it is integral to engage a partner that has proficient experience in the management, professional learning and support stages of the solution.

Tech Help Direct  primary objective is to help students love learning with Apple technology. Our techLEARN with iPad model encompasses industry leading device management and professional learning strategies that are mandatory for successful implementation of Apple technology in schools. Our strategies are devised for schools at all stages of the Apple integration journey. Through the use of action planning, we provide clarity to the vision, management model, learning objectives and best practices for teachers to keep students engaged with iPad and Mac.

We are partnered with MDM platforms like Cisco Meraki and Jamf Casper Suite to deliver customised MDM solutions to Education that work!

We are as passionate about Apple technology and learning objectives as teachers are about educating their students.

Our mission is simple.

Bridge the divide between the Technology, Teacher & Student.

Some of the institutions that we support.

Our vision is clear.

Help every student love learning with Apple technology.

Our vision is to help every child love learning with iPad. See our research-inspired end-to-end iPad learning and management model.

Why partner with Tech Help Direct?

We are seasoned and resourceful experts in the field of Apple iOS and Macintosh configuration, deployment, integration and professional learning. We design, implement and maintain efficient, end-to-end solutions that will make the most of your IT budget. We are very closely partnered with Apple and prominent mobile device management (MDM) platforms like Cisco Meraki, JAMF Casper Suite and Zuludesk, just to name a few. These partners are at the forefront of Apple technology customisation and we are an experienced partner that simplifies the connection between the technology and end user. We train your teachers to produce fun, exciting and engaging learning experiences for your students and are here to professionally support your Apple solution every step of the way.

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