Ethernet Over Power adapters make it simple!

Ethernet Over Power adapters make it simple!

Fed up with slow Wi-Fi speeds in rooms that are far away from your Wireless Access Point?

Can’t conceive cabling of your whole house with Ethernet cables?

Power over Ethernet kits are the technology for you! Let Tech Help Direct increase your Wi-Fi speeds and signal strength throughout your house.


The Power over Ethernet technology utilises your existing power points to distribute the network throughout your home. It eliminates the need for running Ethernet cables through the walls in your house. These adapters connect straight into the wall socket and connect with an Ethernet cable to your router, providing strong throughput speeds and lower latency than Wi-Fi. As well as basic network functions, some Power over Ethernet adapters offer extra features including network printer support and USB Network Attached Storage functionality which is great to stream your media library to a television in your bedroom.

You are not limited to just one room with Power over Ethernet kits. You are able to install multiple kits around your home to connect all of your devices to the same network with added reliability in comparison to Wi-Fi. However, as we are utilising the power in your house, Power over Ethernet adapter’s can’t work across different electrical circuits in your house. For instance, if your kitchen is on an isolated or different circuit, you might have to consider getting a qualified electrician in to install data points in that section of the house.

Tech Help Direct are experts in home networks and always come prepared with Power over Ethernet kits. If you are frustrated with your Wi-Fi speeds in your home or office, contact us to tailor a solution. We thrive on seeing your home network thrive!

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