Genie support

Genie support

Amazing medical practice management software that works perfectly with Mac & Windows.

As a Genie Solutions Certified Advisor, we support many clients in the healthcare sector who have chosen Genie Solutions as their practice management tool. Genie Solutions is at the forefront of Mac & Windows practice management software, and this is proven time after time for its reliability and performance if the network is configured correctly. Unfortunately, on occasions, the user experience is tarnished by incorrect network setup, low-performing servers or slow end-user computers. Why? There either isn't a professional ICT partner involved or that ICT partner just doesn't know. It's scary how many we see, unfortunately!

Genie Solutions Certified Advisor

Very experienced in Genie Support and all of the connecting systems.

We have vast experience with Genie from the server to the network, and most importantly, the user sitting at the end of the database chain. We can integrate scanners, X-Ray links, printers and other hardware and software. From plastic and reconstructive surgeons to allergy and specialist clinics, these organisations process a large amount of data and rely on their ICT systems every minute of the day. Thus, over 200 clinics rely on our services to deliver and maintain the most efficient, optimal and reliable method available. When support is needed, updates are required, or other devices need integration, we are there to help.

We provide real expertise for Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows networks, and we are recognised as premium support professional by Genie Solutions themselves. Our offices are located on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane; however, that doesn't stop us from supporting clinics throughout Australia as word about our services does spread quickly.