Home File Sharing

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Collaborate & share your data at home.

Tech Help Direct provides expert IT support to Gold Coast and Brisbane individuals and families for Apple Mac, PC or cloud-based home file sharing. Do you need to share Photo’s, iTunes libraries or files? Our professional team of networking experts can configure it effectively, set user permissions to files and ensure that your home networking solution is optimally configured to maximise performance of data transfer.

Home Media Sharing

We can help you share your iTunes, photos and videos to watch on your Apple TV or play play on your Sonos system.

Home Office Data Sharing

We can help you configure a home business server, share data files from a Mac or PC and configure your home network for remote access or optimise it for speed.

Cloud File Sharing

Tech Help Direct are experts in configuring cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive to simply share your data with all devices and to anyone.

Local file storage.

Tech Help Direct can work with your home or business network to provide the best solution in file sharing across Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone. We will customise and implement the best file sharing solution for your needs. We can setup a home file sharing server which will act as a central location for all of your files and media. This way each user on the home network directly updates their files on this machine without the need for a cloud storage. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about uploading the hundreds of gigabytes of family photos and videos that you may have and it is instant for all computers to access at home. This can be done by having a main computer or even a network storage drive which our experts can setup and ensure that it works flawlessly. We will work with your goals and provide you with the technology support to exceed your expectations. 

Cloud file storage and sync.

Tech Help Direct are Gold Coast and Brisbane based specialists in cloud file sharing solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive and OneDrive. Do you work from home, but also need direct access to your files from your iPad, iPhone or MacBook whilst you are commuting or in the office? Cloud based file sharing will be the best option for you.

Cloud-based file sharing systems like the four contenders mentioned above use a folder either on your Mac or PC desktop/laptop computer to sync all of the information on it to the cloud. By syncing to a cloud, the data can be simply accessed on other devices in the same fashion  or directly accessed over a web login. This way your data is readily available wherever you go. We will analyse your Mac or PC computer technology and recommend the best cloud file sharing solution for your needs. We will explain the costs and benefits of each system and upon agreement, we can professionally implement any of these solutions and ensure that it functions effectively for you.

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