Industries that we know and support

Our offices are based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, servicing clients Australia-wide with expert onsite and remote IT services. The core of our support focuses on efficiency, reliability and security with proven unparalleled results for the below industries.


We know that the fast-paced environment of a clinic demands an organised, efficient and reliable ICT infrastructure that is guaranteed to perform. As one of Australia's highest-ranked Apple Consultants, as well as a Microsoft and Cisco Meraki partner, we are certified to deploy scalable, secure networks that provide automated local and offsite redundancy that withstands any catastrophe. As a Genie Solutions partner, and with vast experience in Best Practice deployments, we focus on providing premium services to have your clinic operating and integrating seamlessly.


We align very closely with the Engineering industry as it is what we do at Tech Help Direct. We engineer ICT systems for businesses to perform tasks as efficiently as possible with solutions that are secure and built to last. Whether your infrastructure is a mixed Windows and Mac environment, or completely Windows, the chances are you are using Autodesk software like AutoCAD, Inventor or Revit. If your organisation is multi-site, you may have an Autodesk Vault configured to share files. Either way, we are well versed in all of these systems and we do support some large Engineering companies that wouldn't hesitate to vouch for our support services.


From raw material to production to marketing to sales; your ICT systems are the conduit that connects the manufacturing process to your teams. Our largest clients categorise in the manufacturing industry, and to say that we offer an impressive service would be a complete understatement. In 2019, Stone & Wood Brewing Company recognised Tech Help Direct as the number one supplier (out of over 1000) at their "Suppliers as Partners" event. Tech Help Direct was the most significant supplier to help drive business growth over the past two years and we are very proud of this achievement!

Media & Design

Graphic design and video production mean large files and a requirement for a vast amount of network storage. It's important that access to data is fast, reliable, secure and backed up. At Tech Help Direct, our niche is that we are the number one Apple Consultant in Australia. This leads to working with many clients operating the Adobe suite for media production. We understand the demands and the importance of uptime, keeping your team productive and enjoying their job. Your team are passionate about design because they love creating content; not managing IT complications.

Retail & Hospitality

The fastest pace industries that we support are retail and hospitality! If your systems don't connect or function reliably, you're very close to a negative review from a customer, and as we know, this is detrimental to the growth of the business. We work with some of the busiest cafes, restaurants and retail stores in Queensland because of great service spread by word of mouth. Tech Help Direct are prominent Lightspeed experts, and we deploy only the best networks, wireless and infrastructure that is guaranteed to outperform the competition. Don't take it from us - our clients are always happy to vouch for our services.

Professional Services

As a professional services business, your operations depend on a robust server, cloud-based software or a hybrid of both. Either way, you're heavily reliant on internet connection uptime, staff security policies and fast network access for your team to excel and grow the business. Tech Help Direct supports many accountants, solicitors, financial planners, architects and real estate agencies who understand how easy business growth can be with the correct technology solution in place.


Effective use of Apple technology by teachers leads to better learning outcomes for students – for this reason, we are very passionate about integrating Apple technology effectively in schools. We are partnered with the three leading device management platforms; Jamf School, Jamf Pro and Cisco Meraki Systems Manager. We use these platforms, integrated with Apple School Manager, to deploy, secure and manage large fleets of iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices. We're directly referred to by Apple as a specialist in this field and Apple stores don't hesitate to refer our services to support their clients.