Jamf managed service provider

Jamf managed service provider

Jamf Pro certified expert and managed service provider.

Tech Help Direct is certified by Jamf Software to deliver expert support, deployment management and training services for the Jamf Pro management suite. We are Jamf 300 certified, so that organisations, schools and government departments throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and all over Australia, can feel confident that they are engaging a true professional when choosing to work with Tech Help Direct.

Give employees and students the tools they need to operate more efficiently at work and in the classroom. Designed to automate device management, while driving end-user productivity and creativity, Jamf Pro is the central tool that delights ICT pros and the users they support by delivering on the promise of unified endpoint management for Apple devices.

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We know what works and we want to show you.


Provision the perfect Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV for your users. Choose a zero-touch, hands-free experience or go hands on through imaging. Either way, enrol devices and deploy them with ease.

Device Management

Ongoing management is the bread and butter of ICT's daily activities. Go beyond configuration profiles and use policies and scripts to customise devices for the optimal user experience.

App Management

Put apps in the hands of users. Purchase apps in bulk and choose your deployment method, making them available automatically or through a Self Service catalogue. And, before you do, pre-configure apps with the settings users need.


Automatically collect hardware, software and security configuration details from your Apple devices. Create custom reports, alerts, and manage software licenses and warranty records. Use inventory to automate ongoing management.

Self Service

Empower users with your own app store. Give them the ability to install apps, update software and maintain their own device without a help desk ticket.


Secure your Apple devices by leveraging native security features. Manage device settings and configurations, restrict malicious software, and patch all of your Apple devices without user interaction.

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Case Study: Goodstart Early Learning iPad Deployment

Goodstart Early Learning engaged Tech Help Direct to co-ordinate the deployment of 2,500 Apple iPads. Our team of Apple specialist technicians, alongside the Goodstart ICT division and Jamf software, formulated a procedure to have all iPad's enrolled in the Jamf Pro MDM for remote management and remote application deployment. The devices were pre-configured with various features and settings stipulated by Goodstart to ensure that the iPads fit the purpose of the roll-out. The devices were to be ready before major state/region-specific conferences across Australia where the iPad's were presented to each early learning centre. The staff were then trained on the device features to be used effectively for the required purpose.