Andrew Kerr

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Andrew Kerr

ICT Integrations Specialist


Mobile:  0413 874 969


Andrew Kerr is an ICT Integrations Specialist at Tech Help Direct who has had 7 years experience in the Apple Support network. Andrew’s journey started off as an AppleCare advisor in Brisbane working with customers over the phone and remotely to resolve any issues that they had with their Mac and iOS devices. He then went onto becoming one of the Technical Specialists at the Apple Store in Robina on the Gold Coast.
Through Apple Robina, he progressed to become one of the Genius team to support customers with a multitude of technical queries with Apple MacOS and iOS devices. Andrew is very passionate about providing expert support and creating personalised solutions for each client’s need.


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Primary Skills

  • Macintosh and Windows Professional Support
  • iOS and Mobility
  • Mobile Device Management and Deployment
  • Apple Configurator
  • Business Development
  • Software and Hardware Solutions
  • Networking and WiFi
  • Home Media Solutions


My Work Process

  • I strategically analyse current workflows and based on my vast experiences recommend the best alternative to implement for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Andrew identifies exactly what the client is trying to achieve and exceeds that desired outcome in an efficient and effective manner. If there is a solution that the customer is trying to implement to enhance their technology in their office, Andrew will work with their goal and roadmap a plan to provide the best outcome for their needs.