Daniel Mucha

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Daniel Mucha

ICT Integrations Specialist


Mobile: ‭0432 343 315‬

Email:  danielm@techhelpdirect.com.au

Daniel Mucha is an ICT Integrations Specialist at Tech Help Direct with over 8 years Apple support experience. Daniel’s technical support journey started with the management of an internet cafe with support of the computers and secure operation of the network. Subsequently, a passion for Apple systems paved the way to a senior technical role at Apple Care, where Daniel became a trainer & mentor for many of the technical team. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the Tech Help Direct team with a calm and patient approach to solving technical difficulties.


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Primary Skills

  • Server and Cloud Solution Deployment
  • Macintosh and Windows Professional Support
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Networking
  • Education-specific Support
  • Software and Hardware Solutions


My Work Process

  • I strategically analyse current workflows and based on my vast experiences recommend the best alternative to implement for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.