Marc Narbona

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Marc Narbona

ICT Integrations Specialist


Mobile:  0419 778 790


Marc Narbona is a dedicated and professional Apple-certified ICT Integrations Specialist at Tech Help Direct. His knowledge of Mac, iOS and Server is unparalleled. Marc has always had a strong passion for assisting individuals and businesses with achieving their highest potential through the benefits of technology. During his previous career in management and four-year employment as a technician at Apple, Marc has found that helping people, by sharing his incredible knowledge is very fulfilling as a job. Marc especially enjoys delivering great customer service through explaining technology effectively and placing a high importance on specific needs. Creating solutions, solving problems and making somebody’s day more enjoyable and productive through technology is the reason why Marc loves what he does.

Primary Skills

  • Advanced Networking
  • Server and Cloud Solution Deployment
  • Macintosh and Windows Professional Support
  • iOS and Mobility
  • Business Development
  • Software and Hardware Solutions
  • Mac Training
  • iPhone & iPad Training
  • Adobe Photoshop Training
  • Fluent in Italian and Spanish


My Work Process

  • I strategically analyse current workflows and based on my vast experiences recommend the best alternative to implement for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
Senior ICT Integrations & Mac Server Specialist