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Point of Sale

iPad POS. So many systems, but which one to choose? We can help.

Point of Sale (POS) systems that work.

Tech Help Direct specialise in small to medium retail and hospitality point of sale (POS) systems for iPad and Mac in the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. When you’re looking for a powerful, yet simple and cost-effective POS option for your business, look no further than Tech Help Direct. Whether you’re starting out with your first café or you have an established retail operation, our specialists can cater a point of sale solution that will work perfectly. From selling the product down to automated integration with your cloud accounting system at end of day, we have vast experience with many clients in diverse industries.

Software platforms – Vend & Kounta

Tech Help Direct are proud to be partnered with Vend and Kounta in which we offer professional configuration and support to Gold Coast and Brisbane businesses. Vend and Kounta are both leaders in cloud point of sale software that will simplify your workflow and are actually fun to use. Being “cloud-based”, both software are optimised to operate on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC, allowing you to use existing hardware or upgrade to cool new toys. With built-in loyalty programs, inventory management, accounting integration and other add-ins, you have the flexibility to customise the software to be as unique or generic as it needs to be.

Accepting payments from the world’s leading gateways like Tyro, Vend and Kounta help you manage one or even multiple locations. With easy to manage monthly billing for the cloud systems, there are no upfront cost for either of these software systems, nor do you need very specialised hardware. 

Hardware configuration.

Being web-based solutions, Vend and Kounta are happy with a huge range of point of sale hardware. Whether you want to have an iMac as your register, an iPad or linked iPads that can take orders, we setup your point of sale (POS) software to be right at home with whatever you choose. Let us help recommend and supply your equipment, get you connected to the internet, setup and optimise a wifi network and configure the compatible printers with cash drawers. This way you have a smooth start to your point of sales experience on a system that will perform optimally.

Flexible for all industries

Tech Help Direct have vast experience with point of sale (POS) configuration in diverse industries on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Whether you’re a boutique, salon, café, pet store, restaurant or hostel (just to name a few), we can customise Vend or Kounta to suit your workflow.


As a restaurant you may have a need to print certain items like food to a kitchen printer, whilst cafe orders need to print to the coffee machine and receipts need to print at the register. With our networking skill set, we can easily configure this to happen from all or some iPads as required. Below is a video that our team had created using 3x iPad Mini devices. One of the iPad’s was configured to be the central register where payments are taken, whilst the other two were used for table service ordering by the waitress/waiter staff.

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