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Professional services clients are a large part of Tech Help Direct’s client base. We provide expert IT management and support to Solicitors, Accountants, Engineers, Architects, Developers, Town Planners and many more. As one of Australia’s highest-ranked Apple Consultants, the highest priority of our service offering is business continuity and redundancy. We ensure that business can be as usual every day, no matter what the circumstance or catastrophe that may occur due to the wrath of mother nature.

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Business efficiency is our driving force. We employ the mentality of working smarter and collaborating effectively. Whether it is a server-based system that you require, or a cloud solution to truly embrace mobility, we will assess your workflow and IT infrastructure to deploy the most optimal structure for your organisation.

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Selecting an IT partner for office support.

Common defining factors…


The Tech Help Direct team have an outstanding reputation within the office environment. With support to over 2000 clients throughout Australia, our most successful form of marketing is word of mouth. People like to talk about great service!


Planning, deployment and fast support are all equally important facets of a successful implementation. Tech Help Direct integrates the globally-recognised ITIL methodology to professionally structure each and every project.


In an office environment each one study and practice their specialty for a long time to excel. Technology infrastructure is no different. We support over 2000 clients throughout Australia, researching and experiencing many systems to truly understand what works and what doesn’t.

Our process.

Whether you’re opening a new office or re-designing an existing one, we follow a stringent set of criteria to ensure that your system is as effective as it is efficient. We prioritise uptime reliability and redundancy in light of unforeseen circumstances around hardware failure or mother nature. Our priority is to keep your office operating! A very brief overview of our project structure is supported by four main stages…

1. Planning

The most vital phase is to plan your system and deployment timeframes. If required, we will work with architects and electricians to design and oversee the communications installation.

2. Procurement

We are partnered with the most reliable platforms and best vendors in the world. We will procure your required hardware at competitive prices to align with the installation timeframe.

3. Deployment

When everything is set, our professional and experienced team will deploy your network infrastructure. This involves the physical installation followed by extensive testing to tick all of the requisite boxes that adhere to our high standards.

4. Support

In the planning phase, we structure your support requirements, based on patient volume and tolerance for unforeseeable downtime. Our team are fast to respond and with our specified infrastructure installed, most support requests are easily resolved remotely.

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