Server Management

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Businesses rely on servers. Servers rely on experts.

We’re passionate about business efficiency, uptime and continuity. At Tech Help Direct, our state of the art server management model encompasses specialised monitoring software, certified expertise and professional procedures to help our team uncover, pinpoint and resolve issues before they emerge.
Most organisations are not aware of the latest server management trends or simply do not have the expertise and industry knowledge to keep pace with best practice technologies. It’s troubling to uncover how many organisations simply believe that their server is bullet-proof without a need for maintenance at all.
If your organisation’s workflow depends on a server, it’s important to be secure, redundant and fast. Whether your server is hosted in a data centre, at your premises or virtually (e.g. Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure), shift the accountability to our expert team to ensure that your server operates like it should and your business keeps moving.
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Proactive Support & Maintenance

With more than 10 years of experience and modern technical expertise, we can manage all aspects of your server’s day-to-day operations. We will apply a full set of automated services that will ensure your server’s ultimate performance and redundancy at a price point that suits your business. What’s more, we explain it in layperson terms, so that you understand how your money is put to work to yield the results that your business demands.

Support for any scale of server.

As your business turns enterprise, scaling IT demands expertise.

A preferred HPE partner to deliver customised solutions.

Trusted Microsoft Partner with extensive field experience.

One of Australia’s highest-ranked and passionate Apple consultants.

Server virtualisation at its best with expertise to match.

Core Services

Every business is different. Pick and choose what you would like us to support or manage.


Regularly updating the operating system and software.

Protecting servers from viruses with proven protection.

Fine-tuning servers to optimise for databases, remote desktop and security.


Proactive 24/7 monitoring software helps us instantly detect any deviation from normal operation.

We have a unique platform that is linked to our help desk and notifies us of any hardware or software issues.

Periodic audits and network penetration testing to ensure optimal security.


Optimise virtual and physical servers for maximum performance.

Redundancy and backup solutions for simple file or complete disaster recovery.

Constant analysis of the market to offer our clients the most efficient technologies.

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