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Tech Help Direct provides tailored organisational, business and government IT solutions that simplify usability and maximise functionality. We work with organisations to simplify all IT services encompassing professional Apple Mac support, PC support, cloud, integration, server administration, networking, mobile device management, email and sync solutions, point of sale, backup, repairs, upgrades and much more. We strategise and fabricate solutions tailored to our clients’ objectives and ensure that each user operates with the most optimal configuration.


We simplify and manage over 2000 organisations and individuals across Australia with onsite support focus for Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and the Sunshine coast region. We provide unparalleled remote support services where we assist many of our clients across Australia and abroad. We use our remote support system and cloud based software solutions to provide secure, fast and simple support when it is needed the most. It saves on travel and renders our job geographically limitless.


At Tech Help Direct, we believe that your IT ecosystem delegates a huge part of your life. If a system is configured optimally and you can understand its strengths and features, there is no doubt that your life is made simpler. The bottom line about our services is that our whole team is truly passionate about the way we operate and our promise is to be dedicated to our clients. We pride ourselves upon diligence, client interactivity, understanding, strong knowledge base and fast support. We are a market leader in our industry, which is validated from our vast database of repeat and managed clients and satisfaction surveys.

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