Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions

Enabling team capability equals better business and faster growth. To optimise modern technology systems, we look to the clouds (pun intended) to find your organisation's efficiency sweet spot. To those who still question what altostratus or cumulonimbus has to do with technology, the answer is nothing. The term, 'cloud' relates to hosted and subscription services used for corporate or personal access. The layperson typically doesn't know where the data is, but they do know where to find it in a web browser or application installed on their computer, iPad or iPhone. Cloud is synonymous to the 'as a service' model, whereby three essential services are hosted or subscribed rather than housed on an internal corporate network. These services categorise as 'Software as a Service' (SaaS), 'Device as a Service' (DaaS) and 'Infrastructure as a Service' (IaaS). At Tech Help Direct, all three make up the 'Technology as a Service' (TaaS) paradigm within our managed ICT services model.

Software as a Service

Communication and mobility tools hosted externally with easy access.

Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 experts
Mobile device management
Corporate messaging services
Business file collaboration
Scalable VOIP telephony solutions
Point of sale & time-tracking

Device as a Service

User device-based leasing, software, support and management in one package.

Certified experts in Dropbox Business, Google Drive and Microsoft 365 for files
Cloud security solutions that monitor all managed devices in one system
Offsite backup plan for business, protecting against mother nature
Fleet device management and deployment solutions
Device leasing options with bundled support in a fixed monthly fee
Multi-factor authentication security easily configurable and enforceable

Infrastructure as a Service

Mitigate risks with your server and network infrastructure hosted offsite.

Co-location services to host physical servers, backup and network infrastructure offsite in a data centre
Network security, switching and wireless managed and monitored in one web-accessible system with Cisco Meraki
Server virtualisation with Microsoft Azure or Amazon web services
Online backup and server replication services
Reduced risk, improved uptime and advanced monitoring capabilities
Hosted PBX & VOIP services that provide reliability without onsite hardware