Repairs and upgrades

Repairs and upgrades

Tech Help Direct provides expert troubleshooting, repairs and upgrades to all Apple Mac and Windows-based computers. With offices where we conduct services on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, we provide clients with professional support all over Australia.

At least half of our team are certified by Apple to repair and upgrade Apple Mac computers, including the iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. Whether your Mac is running slow or has failed, our team know your Mac inside out, so contact us to find out how we can help.

Mac Repairs

Apple Mac computers and devices are designed to last, which is evident by the precise engineering and manufacturing care of every unit. However, parts do wear out, and things can still go wrong. Trust our team for troubleshooting and expertise in Mac repairs if you're located near the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and surrounding suburbs.

Mac Upgrades

Apple specifically engineers and builds its computers for the Mac operating system, that Apple, too, develops. It's what makes Apple computers so fast and reliable. However, we are on the constant pursuit for faster processing and more productivity, and it's no secret that the IT industry does move very quickly. If your three or 4-year-old Mac is starting to lag, trust our specialist team to recommend and professionally install the latest technology Mac upgrades for your system to perform even better than new.

Better performance. Get more done.

We view Apple Mac computers as an asset rather than a disposable unit with a 3-year shelf life. In contrast to the conventional Windows PC computer, which should last around 3-4 years at best, an Apple Mac computer should deliver at least 4 years and with an upgrade to either the solid state drive and memory (RAM), the Mac computer will support you for over 8 years with incredible performance.

For the best Apple Mac repairs & upgrades on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, our team of Apple-trained and certified technicians will deliver the most diligent and caring support for your system. Please give our team a call with any questions or requirements that you may have. Whether you need to increase the performance of your Mac or you have run out of storage and need to increase the storage capacity, we are happy to help wherever we can and will guarantee a smile on your face with the results!