Server administration

Server administration

Server administration encompasses ownership of reliability, security, continuity and disaster recovery of the core machine that manages business information. If your organisation operates with a server and your IT support model is to hire support when something goes wrong, you are in desperate need of a business continuity re-evaluation.

Australian-based Server Support

Tech Help Direct's offices and support teams reside in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We manage hundreds of co-located (data centre-based), virtual and onsite servers across Australia. We partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Synology, and various other vendors to provide a monitored and fast support model that guarantees the uptime of your server to keep business operating as usual.

Growth Enabling Scalability

We support large organisations, and we understand the demands. We customise hardware resources to fit the software and volume of users that your server needs to accommodate with room for growth. We align the access needs with reliable and secure network infrastructure that scales as the business grows and promotes simplicity of use for those who require it.

Server Virtualisation

We're partnered with HPE, VMWare and Microsoft because we know that the products are the best in the industry and support, including warranty procedures, are composed in light of business uptime. HPE provides us with exceptional hardware, VMWare allows us to build multiple systems on one server, and Microsoft provides state of the art operating systems engineered for business scalability.

File Sharing

Every business shares files between employees; however, this isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. There are complexities like operating system compatibility, file size, network demands and most importantly, server protocols, that must be accounted for when selecting the best solution for storing files within your network. We partner with Apple, Microsoft and Synology to deploy and manage local file storage solutions for every industry, no matter whether your employees prefer macOS of Windows.

Redundancy & Disaster Recovery

READ THIS! Your business continuity strategy is only as good as your backup solution. If you run a business and you aren't sure whether your backup solution works or your current IT management team haven't clearly defined the restoration time parameters, get on top of it now! Downtime is a double hit; revenue loss and productivity loss.