We are in an era where wireless networking is far more than just WiFi as we know it. The prominence of cloud computing underpins the need for great Internet wherever we go. It demands that we are connected in the office, at home, while we're driving and while roaming around. It's simply the way that technology has shaped our lives, and it is a wonderful time to be alive!

At Tech Help Direct, we primarily partner with Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, and Netgear to deploy scalable, secure and reliable wireless networking solutions. Wireless, though, is categorised into various divisions, so it is essential to understand the differences. Either way, this is a big part of what we do, so here is the breakdown of how we support.

Corporate and Campus WiFi

We assess building infrastructure, layout and the anticipated volume of users to devise corporate WiFi solutions that will keep your team connected while roaming around your site. It ensures that employees stay on your network and abide by the security policies that are in place to keep your business safe on a network level.

Point-to-point Wireless

Point-to-point wireless solutions replace the need to run long fibre or ethernet cables between line-of-sight buildings or sites that need to share an internet connection or network. Essentially, one wireless antenna sends a radio to another, and this relays data at speeds up to 10Gbps if required. Not only is this far easier than running a cable, but it is also very cost-effective.

4G and 5G Internet

Cellular technology offers an alternate way for businesses to connect to the Internet without the need for physical connection to a copper, fibre or cable service. Mobile smartphones have been using cellular technology for over ten years now, and today, it is the most widely used method to keep roaming individuals connected. With the speeds capable of 4G and 5G services, it now allows businesses to route the connection to many users reliably within their corporate network. Although it is still an alternative service to a physical connection, cellular does provide high-speed access to virtually anyone, and the Tech Help Direct team can help you configure this from end to end.

TechWave Wireless

If you're based on the Gold Coast and looking for reliable and high-speed Internet for your business, our TechWave Wireless point-to-point internet service might be what you are seeking. Contact us with your address for the service to be installed, and we will run the checks to assess your eligibility. Meanwhile, you can see our TechWave Wireless pricing and terms of service below.