Andy Carver

Who Am I

Andy Carver is a Level 3 Support Technician at Tech Help Direct and a highly skilled Apple technician with over 12 years of experience working directly with Tech Help Direct and Apple.
Andy has a thriving professional and personal passion for technology, with a systematic and analytical approach to problems while constantly improving systems in place. He is motivated to support clients in all areas and continually strives to increase his abundant ICT knowledge. Andy is a capable problem solver and communicates efficiently with clients to provide a friendly, prompt and quality customer service experience.

Work Process

I strategically analyse current workflows and based on my vast experiences recommend the best alternative to implement for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

I Can Speak

English (native)

Primary Skills

Advanced Networking

Business Development and Workflow Optimisation

iOS and Mobility Deployment

Macintosh and Windows Professional Support

Server and Cloud Solution Deployment

Software and Hardware Solutions


Apple Solutions Expert Commercial
Microsoft Silver Partner
Cisco Meraki ECMS1
Apple Certified Support Professional
Jamf Certified Admin