Rab Shirley

Who Am I

Rab Shirley is a Support Technician at Tech Help Direct who has 9+ years of experience in the Apple support network. Rab's ICT journey started off with Apple as a Technical Specialist and he quickly worked his way upwards to a Senior Genius position and ACMT certification.

During his time with Apple, Rab has finely tuned his triage and repair skills to the highest standard across iOS, MacOS & Macintosh hardware ranging from 2008-present, while also pioneering a program to ensure this high level of service quality is consistent throughout the team. Rab's excellent knowledge of the Apple ecosystem allows him to efficiently find the best solutions.

Team Description

Rab is part of our level 1 support team as a Support Technician. The level 1 support team are the frontline experts who will solve most support requests for end-user computers and accounts. With sound troubleshooting and configuration skills in our vendor-supported systems and services, Support Technicians have proven their capability to remediate issues and diligently complete tasks that align with Tech Help Direct's high standard of operation.

Support Technicians will typically have 1-4 years of experience working with Tech Help Direct systems and at least two years experience before joining the Tech Help Direct team. Complex tasks that a Support Technician can not complete efficiently will be escalated to a Systems Administrator (level 2 support team member).

I Can Speak

English (native)

Primary Skills

Expert Apple Hardware / Software Repairs and Triage

iOS and Mobility Deployment

OS Integration

Technical Training


Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider
Apple Solutions Expert Commercial
Microsoft Silver Partner
ISO 9001:2015