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TechLEARN with iPad

Apple Education Solutions Experts

The way we work…

At Tech Help Direct we help students love learning by embracing Apple technology. We have formulated our techLEARN with iPad strategy to help teachers confidently deliver transformational learning experiences in their classrooms.

See the light…

Our team are industry-recognised and prominent Education Solutions specialists within the Apple Consultants Network. We offer end-to-end project solutions encompassing procurement, professional learning workshops, deployment, device management and strategic analysis to measure the effectiveness of each step.

What we do well…

We help teachers structure focussed and fun lessons with the iPad to support student engagement and learning outcomes throughout the entire year. Our team has combined an array of professional learning initiatives and education-specialised mobile device management (MDM) systems to transition schools at all stages of the iPad integration journey.

Support at all stages.

Our mission is the bridge the divide between the technology, teacher and student.

As the bridge becomes smaller, the school advances to a higher level of the techLEARN strategy. Whether considering learning with iPad for the first time or expanding the current solution, our experienced team will tailor a methodical professional learning strategy for your school.

techLEARN Discover

If you are just beginning your learning program with iPads, we can help build an easily manageable solution where your teachers can start.

Set up for success.

Each school’s iPad learning journey is different.
The discover phase helps teachers realise the learning potential with iPad.

Gain control & understand.

We leverage introductory professional learning workshops aligned with a simplified management solution for app and device control.

We know how.

Our team has over 11 years experience with Apple technology in education. We have attained the results to know how and where to start when teaching with iPad.

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techLEARN Establish

As confidence of iPad utilisation grows in the classroom, take the next steps to increase the learning potential to expand the benefits and build a technology-rich learning environment.

Learning with iPad.

After realising the benefits of learning with iPad and applying teaching strategies in the classroom, we delve into more advanced professional learning workshops.

Assess & revise.

We revise or create a new Action Plan and assess the infrastructure to ensure that adding devices will continue to work harmoniously.

Procure & deploy.

We can procure additional devices and accessories and ensure that they are enrolled in the most effective Apple deployment and device management systems.

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techLEARN One to One

The foundations are in place to provide each student with their own iPad. To embrace the learning potential, technology should be in everyone’s hands.


Reach new goals that weren’t possible when students or teachers are sharing devices.


We revise or create a new Action Plan and assess the infrastructure to ensure that adding devices will continue to work harmoniously.

The pinnacle.

Teachers are embraced to think differently. Teaching with technology is a culture and lesson transformation is the result.

Transition to transformation...0%

Our strategies to success.

Successful Education iPad deployments are supported by 5 pillars.

Action Planning

Action Planning is used to decipher the key learning objectives and teacher involvement in the current learning strategy with iPad. We present the school leadership with questions to gain insight into the vision, overall IT aptitude, global willingness to adopt technology and favourable past experiences. We formulate a term-by-term implementation and measurement plan for the entire year based on the school’s volume of iPads and student utilisation in the classroom.

Infrastructure & Procurement

One of Australia’s highest-ranked Apple Consultants and an Authorised Apple Reseller: Extensive experience and product knowledge encompassing all Apple devices. Our experienced technical team will comprehensively audit your school’s network infrastructure and determine the most cost-effective and reliable approach. We procure industry-leading hardware and strategically design reliable and scalable network solutions that work!

Systems & Deployment

An integral part of the techLEARN with iPad strategy is device and app management. We have deployed and manage thousands of iOS devices throughout Australia. We are highly experienced with all Apple deployment programs and closely partnered with industry-leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms.

Professional Learning

The bridge between the technology, teacher and student is Professional Learning. Teachers should be empowered and confident to provide transformational learning experiences with iPad. Our Professional Learning workshops will encourage teachers to think differently, innovate and design learning experiences that engage students.

Support & Measurement

A partnership that encourages continual improvement. We embrace continual service improvement with ongoing support from the initial deployment through to professional learning. We revisit the Action Planning process to measure the effectiveness of the deployment aligned with the identified learning outcomes.

Our Dedicated Services

The foundation of our techLEARN with iPad program.

Mapping our strategy to your school’s stage.

Planning for an incremental, term-by-term implementation that works.

Did you have any questions?

We would love to support your school or help where we can!