Vend POS and Xero Cloud Accounting Integration

Vend POS and Xero Cloud Accounting Integration



Small businesses all around the world including Brisbane and the Gold Coast are always looking at innovative types of technology to assist them in promoting profitability, growth and efficiency. “Investing” a large amount of time in to payroll, reconciliation, superannuation, invoicing through older technology could be the cause of your business not moving ahead and reaching your goals. As we become more connected to our devices and wanting things done in an instant, we need to look at ways that we can increase efficiency and streamline processes. With the help of the right technology, this can be seamless.

If you are wanting to move to the digital age where your business moves to a paperless environment and collaboration is simple, Xero Accounting software brings a breathe of fresh air for small business. With Xero, your accounting and payroll is all in the one location, your bank statements lines are automatically fed into your Xero account and more importantly, there is no need to download and install software like other packages. Xero is completely cloud based through any web browser. If you were on the other side of the world and needed to run payroll for your business, all you would need to do is load the Xero webpage through Safari on your iPad and in a few simple clicks be done and you are back to your holiday. Technology is designed to make our life easier without sacrifice and Xero caters to this perfectly.

Apart from normal small businesses, if you are a cafe, retail store or a restaurant, Xero can be integrated with most POS systems to completely streamline your sales/accounting system. A popular Xero-integrated point-of-sale system is Vend. You can automatically publish daily sales totals into Xero for reconciliation with your bank account so you don’t have to stay back and input the days takings into your accounting. Similar to performing payroll in another country, you can login at anytime from anywhere in the world to see in how your business is going in real time.

These are just a couple of the major benefits you will get if you take the plunge and move across to these new cloud-based technologies. Tech Help Direct can assist your business with upgrading to technology that will make your business more streamlined so you can spend more time on the important things – not paperwork!

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