Wireless Network Setup

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Wireless (WiFi) networking specialists.

Tech Help Direct are Gold Coast and Brisbane based experts in configuration and improvement business wireless network setup. We have state of the art networking tools, extensive experience and partnerships, like Cisco Meraki and Apple, to provide businesses with the most optimal wireless network setup solutions. Also known as WiFi, it is one of the most important categories of IT in our generation.

Mobile devices define the way that we do business and entertain ourselves at home. Whether it be a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other manoeuvrable piece of technology, it requires a wireless network to gain internet access. From internet browsing, cloud based accounting, CRM entry and email to internet media streaming, youtube, online radio and gaming, a fast and reliable wireless network is integral to eliminate dropouts and low-buffering speeds.

Customised Wireless Solutions

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Businesses and homes are not all the same.

From Brisbane to the Gold Coast (and across Australia), we have effectively configured thousands of wireless network solutions. It is a misconception to believe that wireless networks will simply work as long as you have a wireless access point. The size, construction material, electronic devices, household appliances and network routing all are very important factors when choosing to implement or reconfigure your business wireless network.

We are partnered with leading wireless access point company, Cisco, to supply and implement Meraki products in enterprise, education (university) and healthcare industries. Cisco Meraki are the market leader in cloud-managed access points where each connected client can be individually administered and restrictions can be instantly provisioned by a simple web interface.

We are partnered with and professionally certified by Apple to implement the best value-for-money wireless network routers available. In small business, the Apple Airport wifi routers out-perform everything in the same price range and are very easily extendible if your business area is large with interferences and walls. Whether your business has data points or not, we can use multiple Apple Airport wifi routers to create amazing solutions that we guarantee will impress you!