Cloud systems

Cloud systems

Tech Help Direct are Gold Coast and Brisbane based specialists in cloud computing services. We assist with integration and migration services to help businesses become completely mobile.

It’s no surprise that users are accessing much more content and are incredibly more productive from their mobile devices than computers. You can order a coffee and while waiting for it; send emails, generate an invoice and update a client meeting in seconds. Mobile devices and apps have changed our lives forever, but how do you know which ones are best for business?

Due diligence demands real world experience

Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Dropbox Business are three compelling, yet elegantly simple cloud systems that shape the way we work and communicate. We're partnered and certified with each of these systems, so knowing how to implement them is simple. Our services stand out by the time that we invest in continual testing—understanding the peculiarities of each platform on Apple macOS, iPadOS, iOS and Microsoft Windows, or, all four together.

Invest wisely. You can't buy time.

No matter how much we innovate, we will never be able to buy extra time. If you're not an IT expert and you're running a business, invest your time wisely where it is most beneficial for gains. There are so many cloud systems in the market and trust us, testing each of them, for whichever purpose, is very time-consuming. Doing these tests is our business, though, and we take great pride in doing it well. Our clients rely on our groundwork so that we can align management strategies with technology to grow their business.

Efficiently share your data and access it everywhere.

The iPhone and iPad have revolutionised our generation, but one common fact is that only 30% of businesses and individuals are actually harnessing the true potential of these devices. Cloud computing services use web-based software to sync our information, so when you are accessing a cloud system and populating data, users back in the office see it in close to real-time. We have solutions to sync your mail, contacts, calendars, metrics, invoicing, customer notes, data files and much more from one hand-held device. You can take payments onsite with your client and also manage your staff and know their location.

Simplify with Cloud

Mail, Contacts & Calendars

To be organised, reliable syncing is vital. Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or iCloud – We know all of these systems like the back of our hand, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Cloud Accounting

Systems like Xero promote instant access to your accounting wherever you are. It's always in sync, it integrates with so many cloud services, it minimises admin time and improves tracking of metrics.


Customer relationship management is a must for your business to grow. Organise projects, meeting notes, emails, phone calls and files for each contact. Sync your data between all devices and have a central repository for all of your communications.


Mobile device management allows you to manage fleets of devices over the cloud. We only implement proven solutions for large scale deployment of settings, profiles, applications and management of Apple (macOS, iPadOS, iOS) & Windows devices.